‘Sightings’ a new book of poems from Rose Cook


The secret of life, of a happy life, is: leave a little space open for poetry… Massimo Bottura




I am very happy to announce a new, slim volume of poems

Sightings: Rose Cook published by Grey Hen Press

                available from Rose Cook or email info@greyhenpress.com         £4 plus p&p




Here are poems “bright as Lord Krishna’s hair’ that take great joy and delight in the wild-life of sea and shore. In an age of cynicism and depression over climate change these poems are a pure celebration of nature; to quote a line from her poem about building a stone wall, they are like “the heartings” that brim with “tumble and lustre”. A truly uplifting collection.

Gill McEvoy (Rise pub Cinnamon Press)

There are poems here delightfully willing to see through the eyes of the creatures involved – whales, dogs, seals, fish, birds – while the human element is aware of itself as the inevitable record of vision.

And there are poems here which speak directly to the hidden in all of us; losses which remain on the inside brought to sight/light by Cook`s tender language and deft crafting.

With the ‘white sheets’ on the washing line, Cook surrenders to sight, while that ‘single red shirt’ acts as a warning: Look out. And up, and everywhere, all the time, because it`s a good thing. Because it helps.

Sandra Tappenden (Speed pub Salt Modern Poets)


The Way Freedoms are Dreamt

I have purple hair in the dream,

purple hair, and I am standing

in full sun, tipping my head back.

This is familiar,

the way strange is familiar.


One of these crow-flecked days,

I will run fast down the road

right into the sea. Leave behind

the houses, with their pockets of dust,

their sleeping cats, the people with their

so-many different faces and needs.


No cupboards, no lists,

nothing to remember at all,

just the roar of it to absorb,

the echo and rumble that keep

larger time than a clock,

the wash that cleans to the bones.


Only the turn of waves, the spread

of spilt cream, the heave and arch,

getting ready to dive.


 by Rose Cook from ‘Running Before the Wind’ a new anthology of poems about the sea edited by Joy Howard, published by Grey Hen Press

 Available direct from Grey Hen Press    ISBN 978-0-9552952-9-4   £12 + p&p


‘A wind-shaken, salt-laden, heartload of poems by women, and not a dead fish among them. I have lived within sight of the sea all my life, and this is the most enjoyable anthology I have read on this subject’. Gillian Clarke