‘Sightings’ a new book of poems from Rose Cook


The secret of life, of a happy life, is: leave a little space open for poetry… Massimo Bottura




I am very happy to announce a new, slim volume of poems

Sightings: Rose Cook published by Grey Hen Press

                available from Rose Cook or email info@greyhenpress.com         £4 plus p&p




Here are poems “bright as Lord Krishna’s hair’ that take great joy and delight in the wild-life of sea and shore. In an age of cynicism and depression over climate change these poems are a pure celebration of nature; to quote a line from her poem about building a stone wall, they are like “the heartings” that brim with “tumble and lustre”. A truly uplifting collection.

Gill McEvoy (Rise pub Cinnamon Press)

There are poems here delightfully willing to see through the eyes of the creatures involved – whales, dogs, seals, fish, birds – while the human element is aware of itself as the inevitable record of vision.

And there are poems here which speak directly to the hidden in all of us; losses which remain on the inside brought to sight/light by Cook`s tender language and deft crafting.

With the ‘white sheets’ on the washing line, Cook surrenders to sight, while that ‘single red shirt’ acts as a warning: Look out. And up, and everywhere, all the time, because it`s a good thing. Because it helps.

Sandra Tappenden (Speed pub Salt Modern Poets)


One thought on “‘Sightings’ a new book of poems from Rose Cook

  1. Hi Rose, I’m looking into venues in Millbrook…do you feel happy to be the guest poet at a poetry and music evening in the village? I would need to include an open Mic session. It worked really well when I organised one last year for Kenny Knights new book, but he brought quite a few people from cross country writers. However there’s a good core of literary intetest here. Possible venues include the Rame Centre, Maker Heights patchwork studios, or village hall if part of the folk club night. Or I could put in some money for MIND and ask the Honey Rooms Cafe if they’d want to host the event… Owner us a musician and knows lots if performers… if at Rame Centre will put in donation for local housing projects via Peninsula Trust. I think the cafe would be fab, but don’t know if theyd go for an evening event. Any preferences? Sandra xx

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