Everyday Festival ~ by Rose Cook

everyday festival 

 I am please to announce the arrival of a new chapbook called

everyday festival published by HappenStance Press.

ISBN 978 1 905939 36 7  

Available for £4 (inc p&p) order online at www.happenstancepress.com or send a cheque payable to HappenStance to 21 Hatton Green, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4SD. Further information from Helena Nelson: nell@happenstancepress.com

Here is a poem from everyday festival ~

Casting Off

She should have let him go ages before

he asked her, several times, I heard him,

but she stood thigh deep, her small hands on

the prow of his boat, offering instructions

in a gentle voice, as an air hostess does before

take off, her own fears chained together

like clauses and carefully wrapped around

as fast as he tries to cast off, until he can

take it no more and shouts to her to let go

and to shut up since he knows more about sailing

than she does, so she stands with her arms

at her sides, watching, while the wind takes

her son and his orange sails and carries him out

far on a run, so he cuts through the slate sea

not looking back, but we can just hear his voice:

I know far more about sailing than you do.

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